Art Park

Located in downtown Fall City (next to the Vintage Flea), the Art Park has been a centrally-located staple in our community for over 20 years. Founded by Barbara Center, it's a physical space that captures the essence of Fall City's creative spirit. Phase 1 of our Art Park Beautification Project has just begun, which will revamp this space and provide public seating, tables, lighting, and more! 

Photo by Jess Buttermore

Be A Part Of The Art Park's Future

Drawing by Jess Buttermore

We need your help to rejuvenate this beloved space into something current, usable, and enjoyable for our community. In order to give this meaningful space the attention it deserves in time to be enjoyed this summer (and for years to come!), we've formed an Art Park Committee who will use your donation dollars to implement the following improvements:

Get Involved

We've got lots of ways for you to participate in the beautification of this space! No matter your available funds, time, or energy, there's a way for you to join in on this effort.

To contribute to the items below, please email

Donate Lumber


Donate Perennials

If you have the means to donate lumber (an exact list of materials needed can be provided), your skills/time, or perennials (bare roots or potted, not transplanted), please contact Jess Buttermore at

If you'd like to get involved with this project (or simply want to stay in the loop on the latest happenings), please email "hello" to to be added to the project's mailing list.